How to create Agenda

The iEvent theme is provided with a Custom Post type named “Agenda” where the different agends of each days of the event can be organised and displayed .An Event consists of Different Days which inturn contains different Conference meetings and this conference will inturn have different Agenda sessions by the speakers.So each of this will inturn form a Layer in the Agenda Custom post type. The following example will show a sample on how to create a Agenda.

Step 1 ) Create Agenda

Goto Custom post type “Agenda” .Now Click on the “Add New” button

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Step 2 ) Create day name .

This First Element will be displayed as the Main Day title so assign the title of the post to your Day name.For example here “New Agenda”

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Step 3 ) Create Conference name .

To create the different conferences happening during the same day , create a new Agenda post like in Step 1 and now Assign the title name of this post to your Conference name for example “New Conference” Also in the “Attribute” section of the page assign the parent page to be the previously created “New Agenda” page.

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Step 4 ) Create session name .

In this level we need to display the different speaker agenda sessions happening in the conference, So create a new agenda post with the title set to be the title of the session , it can also be the name of the speaker delivering the speech or any title. Also assign the “Attribute” parent page to be the previously created conference name

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Also add in the agenda description , timings and title in respective fields and save the agenda.

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In the next article we will discuss how to add in this created agenda in a page