Translating Theme (Customizer) Options

WordPress is available in languages other than English for people belonging to other locales. In order to change the default language of your WordPress instalaltion you got to define the language within the wp-config.php file or change a setting within the dashboard

The process is different for different wordpress verisons

You can see wordpress localization documentation for more details.

Using Language files

Rebuild Theme is easily compatible for creating a multilingual website. The translation language files can be created and be stored inside the theme folder

Though this is a popular method, the disadvantage of this is when the theme file are updated then the whole Theme folder and Plugin Folder are replaced with a new and updated folder, which in turn overwrites their translation files.

If you choose to store your language files using this method, remember that the file structure is only the language name. For example, if the language files are in the Arabic language, the file names would be and ar_AR.po.

We can use the default po files using a translation editor like POEdit and easily translate.

Using WPML plugin for translations

Rebuild theme is wpml compatible. WPML can be downloaded on purchase from here

If you’ve purchased WPML and have any questions or issues, please check the links below.

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  • WPML Plugin – The highly recommended plugin to manage multi-lingual sites
  • WPML Forum Support – If you bought WPML then you get free support from their amazing team
  • Translating Widgets – Tutorial recommended by wpml team for translating widgets