How Do I Update Included Plugins

Evont theme is provided with a set of recommended plugins which enhance the theme functionality.These plugins are provided with updates by the respective plugin provider. You can update the plugins via automatic update call or while updating the theme file you will be provided with the plugin update files aswel.
It is also required to perform the following actions before updating each of the plugin.

Clear Browser Cache

It is important to clear the browsersite cache to avoid any script errors which might happen during the update of plugin.

Plugin License

It is necessary to understand that when a plugin is included for free with a WordPress Theme you can use the plugin for free without any issues, however, if you want automatic updates and support from the plugin developer you need to purchase it separately (which is optional).

Plugin Versions Vs Theme Compatibility

Few Plugin updates are provided with the theme update itself. Whenever a plugin update is provided with the theme its compatibility with the theme functionality will be tested completely and then bundled with theme, so when you are updating plugin separately it is required to ensure its compatibility with the theme.

Updating Your Plugins

Please follow the guides below for updating each plugin. Of course as mentioned previously if you have purchased any of these plugins separately you can also just use their built-in auto updates functionality.

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