Automatic Theme Updates Not Working

It is advisable to update your purchased theme with the recent available theme files for fixing up any issues faced in previous version and also for enabloing advanced options provided in the new version. Sometimes automatic update of the theme file might not show up, in such cases one can follow the below steps to perform theme updates.

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  1. Editing Style.css
  2. Multisite WordPress Issues
  3. Plugin Issues

Editing Style.css

We can force auto update of the theme by editing the version number of the theme back to 1.0.0 and thereby initiating auto update of the theme.
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Multisite WordPress Issues

It might be an issue raised because of using WordPress multisite, in such cases we need to perform manual update of the theme via FTP

Plugin Issues

Sometimes the other installed plugins may block the theme update functionality, for example “Mojo Marketplace” plugin braks the autoupdate functionality, so check for the other installed plugins which break the update option.