Blog Page Setup

Rebuild theme supports blog posts via standard posts. All you need to do is add your posts like normal and setup your blog page either using the Page template or via the WordPress dashboard at Settings->Reading. Have a look below for further instruction.
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Add a new page for blog like adding any other normal wordpress page and publish it.

Reading Settings

You can leave your blog page using the default template and set your blog page under Settings->Reading this way it will use the index.php template file instead.
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Creating Single blog posts

Click on Posts > Add New to add new posts. Add a title, description and featured image. If you add three featured images you get a gallery set on the posts page. You can also embed video with Rebuild theme by setting a video url in the input box for the post options. Click Publish to publish the posts.

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Post Categories

Posts > Categories lists the set of categories created for the post. You can add New categories by giving the title and description also choose if you need a Parent category or a subcategory. Hover on the existing categories to edit or delete it.
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Media Center

To include the blog posts to home page use the Media center icon from the visual composer. Select the style and the number of posts to display and we are done.
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