Create A Row With Columns Without Margins

Visual Composer is provided with a option to create rows with column without any margin by adjusting the settings for that particular row.

Click on to the edit row button for which the column margin need to be adjusted. Now under the “General” tab find the “Column gap” setting option, now set that option with value of 0px.

[su_lightbox type=”image” src=””]s1[/su_lightbox]

Now you have successfully remove the margin gaps between the columns in a row.


Rebuild Row Adjustments

Rebuild theme comes with extra fields for row adjustments Lets look into each of them in detail below.

Row Stretch

Row Stretch offers to stretch content end to end there are many options
No Stretch which is default option.
Stretch both row and content with padding.
Stretch without padding the row and content
[su_lightbox type=”image” src=””]row1[/su_lightbox]

Column gap

Column Gap decides the gap between the row and the column within the row

Other Row options

Choose the options for Equal height rows, Equal height columns within the rows.We can also choose the content position, vertical placement on the row.

Background for rows

There are two options either we can choose a video background / a parallax background.

Additional Fields

[su_list icon=”icon: check”]
  • section id is used to set a id for a row.
  • Padding dropdown allows to choose from among a preset value of row padding.
  • Container, decides if we need a wrapping container for the row and also Container padding decides, if the container needs some padding.
  • Badge title, here it will add ribbon badge to row, Enter a badge title to display a ribbon badge on the container.
  • Overlayer, is used to add overlayer color over background images