How Do I Update My Theme

Rebuild theme provides the following options to update the theme either automatically or manually via FTP.

[su_note]Before updating your theme make sure to have a backup copy of your Website.[/su_note]

1) Automatic Updates Via Rebuild theme options

The Rebuild theme provides with a Extrapanel where the user can enter the themforest credentials inorder to initiate the automatic theme update option. Admin need to enter their provided Themeforest Username and their API key for this process.

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2) Manual Theme update Via Admin Dashboard

We can also update the theme manually from the admin Dashboard by following the below steps.
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  1. Deactivate the existing Rebuild theme
  2. Delete the Rebuild theme
  3. Now click on Add New Theme section
  4. Import the new updated version of the file
  5. Once upload and installation is complete, activate the theme
  6. Install and activate the bundled required plugins
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You have successfully updated your Rebuild theme

3) Manual Updates Via FTP/SFTP Override

You can also update your theme by simply overriding all files via FTP or SFTP.

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  1. Download the “installable theme” from ThemeForest
  2. Access your server via FTP or SFTP
  3. Browse to wp-content/themes/
  4. Delete and override the “Rebuild” folder files with the new ones downloaded

Steps After Updating

we need to perform the following steps to clear up the site content to complete the update process.

1. Clear your Site & Browser Cache

Once we update the theme we must clear the site and browser cache to ensure proper loading of all the contents fresh.

2. Updating Visual Composer

It is also important to update the Visual Composer to the suggested version compatible with the theme to ensure proper editing options