Theme Options

The Rebuild theme is provided with a theme option panel to customize all the front end theme via simple setting options right from the admin panel. All the settings are grouped under their respective categories and are displayed as tabs in the Theme Option page. The following are the major option panels provided

General Options

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This tab provides the setting options for Importing demo data, setting for favicon, google tracking code insertions, responsive site front end settings.

Header Options

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Here we set the Header layout structure, Header info messages, Header stylings like the background color etc, Sticky header options, Logo update modules.  

Footer Options

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In this tab we fix the footer details like the copyright box where we enter the copyright contents, footer logo, Footer info box enabling options.

Background Opions

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In this tab we are provided with the option select for the layout either box or wide. This panel also provides option for the box layout like the background image, color, full width, background repeat settings.


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Settings for fixing the font family for different sections of the page like the menu, body, headings, subheadings, etc and the font size setting for body and different headings like H1, H2, etc are provided here

Blog Options

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This panel controls the different features to be displayed on the Blog archive apage and individual blog pages, like the options to enable date, location, image hover color, hover icons, comments enabling option, option for featured image, featured slideshow, etc are provided here.


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This tab allows to choose the following:
Choose the layout of the woocommerce pages. ( fullwidth / left/right sidebar)
Number of products per column
Number of Products per page
Show/Hide breadcrumbs
Show/ Hide Title
Product image effects on hover if you want them to slider or to flip across the screen

Lightbox Options

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Various Lightbox options like option to enable Prettyphoto Lightbox, autoplay Slideshow, Enabling title, overlays, option to set Lightbox Theme, lightbox opacity, speed of transitions, speaker view page options are displayed here

Social Network Options

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In this panel options to enable the display of social networking site icons on the footer is provided. Also options to enter the account names of the different social networking site like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc are also provided here.

Share Box Options

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Share option allows to place social share icons on the website. We can show them in header / footer based on choice preference.


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This panel provided text boxes for entering credentials of Themeforest site and mailchimp for getting Theme updates and registering the contact mails received on the site respectively.

Custom CSS

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This tab provides a CSS textarea to enter any custom CSS which are required to be added to the website

Backup Options

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This panel provides user with the options for backup the theme settings and option for restoring the backu settings and also options for exporting the settings and importing the theme settings are also provided