Troubleshooting Customizer Issues

The WordPress customizer is a built-in feature which might break due to one of the following reasons

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  1. Browser based Issues
  2. Site/Browser Cache
  3. Memory Limit Issues
  4. Plugin Issues
  5. Host Issues

The following explains the reason behind each of the issues

Browser based Issues

Sometimes certain browser scripts may block the functionality scripts of the website and might cause issues. So it is important to check with an alternate browser when such issues raises.

Site/Browser Cache Issues

Cache becomes a major issue, and so it is important to reset your cache after every theme update, plugin update for proper functionality of the website. So please check your browser cache and also the website cache when such issues are raised

Memory Limit Issues

WordPress has a limited import memory, user can alter the memory import limit by changing the config file in php.ini file on the server. There are also various free plugins available t help admin with this process.

Plugin Issues

Somethimes new third party plugin installed with the theme might raise compatibility issue which might break the theme customiser and so admin need to verify the new plugin’s compatibility before installation. Admin can remove the plugin installed and check if the Theme works fine.

Host Issues

It might be an Server Issue raised sometimes, so always check with your Domain server support that it is not an issue raised from their end.

These are a few reasons which might break theme Customiser.