Speeding Up Your WordPress Site

Rebuild is a light weight theme. The theme is completely optimized for speed, Still there are a lot of steps that can be followed to minimise your site load speed and optimize images by hosting them on CDN for better results outside the scope of the theme. Below mentioned are a few steps to take care of

Web hosts

Any Website speed depends on its hosting. If you are hosting your WordPress website on a shared hosting, then its good to choose a wise plan with consideration of the Ram speed and bandwidth. Never choose a hosting for the sake of cost factors.
so just make sure your host can actually support your demands. Many people just buy whatever is cheap and are done…you must properly look at your traffic and server usage and purchase a plan that actually suits your needs. And if your websites are all WordPress powered you may want to consider using a Managed WordPress Host which may include functions to speed up your site.

Web Cache

Choose web hostings that have auto cache feature or be wise in installing cache plugins like w3c cache in order to speed up website.


Plugins play a vital role in deciding the speed of a WordPress installation. Make sure you only have plugins that are active and delete any inactive plugin. Be shrewd in choosing the plugins needed for your functionality. Many shared hostings avoid a certain list of plugins because they tend to drastically reduce speed.
[su_list icon=”icon: check”]

  • Broken Link Checker
  • MyReviewPlugin
  • LinkMan
  • Fuzzy SEO Booster
  • WP PostViews
  • Tweet Blender
  • Dynamic Related Posts
  • SEO Auto Links & Related Posts
  • Yet Another Related Posts Plugin
  • Similar Posts
  • Contextual Related Posts

Minify Code Output

There are plugins to minify the css and the javascripts which can be installed to convert your stylesheets and scripts into light weight components for faster loading